Monday, December 10, 2018

Student in the Spotlight: Tate!

This week's Student in the Spotlight was Tate We learned a lot about him!

Tate brought in to share:
-A book about a theme park and roller coasters
-a book called "That's Not My Train"
- His sketch book
- A stuffy football
- An Eagles Elf!

 Thank you for sharing Tate!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Ms. F Visited Kindergarten This Week!

This week Ms. F visited room 101! We learned that she makes the has funny feet. They are fantastic! 

We learned that the letter f makes the sound /f/. We found many words that start with the sound /f/. Some of them are
and fish!

Kindergarteners have been practicing math symbols. They are associating the plus symbol (+) with adding two things together and then minus symbol (-) with taking something away. We have been reading number sentences 0-5 and solving them with manipulatives.

In reading we are practicing our kindergarten words and finding the first and last sounds in short words. These words are called consonant, vowel, consonant (CVC) words. Some of these words include fog, cat, and mop. Children are working on decoding these words by saying the sounds each letter makes and sliding them together.  

Check out our choices this week!

We counted the number of fish we caught with Let's Go Fishin!

We used foamy shaving cream to spell out our kindergarten words. 

We colored our on Rainbow Fish!

Nithya painted a frog.

We fished for letters to spell words!

We pretended we were a family in dramatic play.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Mr. N!

Last week Mr. N came to kindergarten! We had Kindergarten News Network in dramatic play. Check out our really fun choice! We loved creating the stories and playing each part.

Student in the Spotlight: Dexter!

This week's student in the spotlight was Dexter! We learned a lot about him and his family!

Dexter likes:
the color blue
eating popcorn
playing with Legos
watching Spiderman
and kindergarten because he likes playing with his friends!

He brought in to share:
a soccer trophy
a wand
a monster ball
a Mario character
Dogman book
and a dirt-bike toy.

Thanks for sharing Dexter!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Getting Ready for Snow!

Dear Families,

As we head into the winter months we are bound to get more snow! Kindergarteners are allowed to play in the snow at recess as along as they have the correct winter gear. 

If your child has extra snow gear, they may keep it at school on their hook. I ask that you please provide a sturdy bag, such as a reusable grocery bag, to store your child's items in. If your child cannot leave their items at school, they may take the bag to and from school.

In the bag, please provide:

-1 pair of snow pants
-1 set of boots (unless worn to school)
-an extra set of water proof mittens/gloves
-a hat or scarf

This will help children transition to recess. If your child does not have all of the correct gear at school that day, they may not play in the snow. Thank you so much for your help!

-Ms. Badger